Breaking Through: Ideas & Insights

Recent Deal: $370,000 Parent Company Buyout

The Submission $370,000 in capital for recycling center to buy out parent company’s interests  613 CBR Score Backed by lien on recycling plant sorting line valued at $1,000,000 Sorting line estimated liquidation/ removal costs of $400,000 $27,500 Commission   The…

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Recent Deal: $44,000 Walking Floor Trailer–App Only

The Submission $44,000 Walking Floor trailer for commodities hauler 562 CBR Score Backed by lien on 2005 Peterbilt 379EX tractor & 2003 IMCO Walking Floor trailer Customer currently 90 days past due on mortgage $4,400 Broker commission    The Simple…

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Tales from the Asset Manager 2015

A Nightmare on Valley Boulevard This year’s Tale from the Asset Manager begins at a well-known truck dealership on Valley Boulevard in Fontana, California. 10:00 AM  The customer stepped out of his taxi onto the dealership lot and walked to…

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