Time kills deals.

Maxim helps F&I managers with quick decisions, a simple process and minimal stipulations—even for drivers with challenging situations. We break through old financing attitudes with a straight-forward, reliable experience to help you close more deals faster.

The Maxim Advantage

Challenging Credit

$10,000 to $55,000 net financing. 25% down minimum

Simple, fast, application-only owner-operator truck finance for challenged credit and additional solutions for those with stronger backgrounds from the trucking industry experts at Maxim. Let the trucking industry experts at Maxim get your customers on the road with:

  • Same Day Approvals
  • DocuSign e-Documentation
  • Early Payoff Available
  • All Fees Financed
  • 1st Payment Always in Arrears
  • No Additional Collateral Needed
  • 2009 or newer class 8 tractors (700,000 miles or less)
  • $10,000 to $55,000 net funding to dealer
  • 2012 or newer reefer trailers (15,000 hours or less; 2011 considered with low mileage and hours)
  • $25K maximum net trailer funding
  • Minimum 25% down payment (trade-in OK)
  • First time owners OK
  • Additional collateral considered as part of down payment
  • No minimum FICO
  • CDL, GPS & ACH required
  • Past bankruptcy, Derogatory credit history, & Foreclosures OK
  • Current or dismissed bankruptcy
  • Child support collection
  • Auto repossession or charge-off
  • Open tax liens > $10,000
  • Private party sales
  • Mercedes engines
  • Signed Truck Financing Application
  • Dealer Invoice or Quote
  • Spec sheet (including prices, specs, mileage, & VIN)
  • Credit Bureau

California Drivers

Special low rate programs from a CALCAP approved lender

As an approved CALCAP Lender, Maxim is able to offer special low rate truck financing programs for owner-operators or carriers that meet the following qualifications:

  • 100 or fewer employees
  • 10 or less trucks in fleet
  • $10 million or less in revenue
  • May be located out of the state of California, but must conduct 51% or more of their business in California
  • $1,500,000 funding limit per customer
  • Must be on road
  • 14,001 lbs or greater
  • 2009 or newer truck
  • Class 4 – 8 commercial vehicles
  • VIP – Voucher program can be used in conjunction
  • Can be used with Proposition 1B grant funds

Types of trucks

  • Tractors
  • Tow Trucks
  • Transfers
  • 53 feet or longer
  • 2011 or newer

Trailer Types

  • Regular box
  • Car carrier
  • Refrigerated unit
  • Liquid tanker
  • Signed Truck Financing Application
  • Dealer Invoice or Quote
  • Spec sheet (including prices, specs, mileage, & VIN)
  • Credit Bureau